Play Back Your Own Google Docs

Draftback is a Chrome extension that lets you play back any Google Doc’s revision history (for docs you can edit). It’s like going back in time to look over your own shoulder as you write.

Download it for Chrome here

You can use Draftback directly from any Google Doc. Just look for the Draftback button!

All the revision rendering is done securely on your own computer. Even large documents can be processed quickly.

When your doc has been processed, you can play it back like it’s a movie.

Download it here

Since Draftback is a Chrome extension, your Docs data never leaves your own computer, and, unless you explicitly publish an excerpt, the extension never communicates any sensitive data with any server—it just fetches it over a secure connection from Google. All the computation for rendering the playback is done by your own computer, and it’s stored there, too.